Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sometimes all it takes is one drop of water

While out walking Toshiro, our dog, and looking for photos to take, water drops were falling from the trees onto my head. When I looked up, I suddenly remembered what a former photo instructor asked us in class one day. "How many of you when out taking a walk, look at the ground?" Most of us looked around at one another and raised our hands. He then said, "Next look around at your surroundings and see all the photos you're missing. Take the time to see what direction the light falls and where the shadows are." 

One thing I noticed was not only the dolled water drops falling on my head, but the way the light reflected off  them as they hung like diamonds on the leaves, and branches.

Sometimes all it takes is a simple drop of water to stir something squirreled away in the back of your mind.