Sunday, April 27, 2014

Soccer, a unique game of rules and terminology

There's not too many pro sporting events I feel uncomfortable in covering, however, soccer is probably one of the most challenging.

After setting up in the Media Press Box overlooking CenturyLink Field before Saturday's match between the Seattle Sounders and Colorado Rapids, I took some time to watch the players warming up on the field below to get a feel for the flow of  action.

Grabbing my gear and heading towards the elevator, I passed Ted Warren,  a fellow shooter, friend, an Associated Press photographer and said, "See ya out on the field." he replied, "Jim, the correct terminology in soccer is, "See you on the pitch!" Guess that about shows you what I know about soccer.

Unlike American football, where you can catch, kick, pass, punt and run with the ball and tackle an opposing ball carrier,  Soccer has its own unique language where passing is done by kicking with the feet, a tackle is to win the ball off an opponent and a header is using the head to direct the balls flight.

Having not really covered enough soccer matches in the past I found it a challenge to keep concentrated and focused in order to follow the action. It's a game of passing, dribbling or heading the ball from one side of the field to the other with the intent of scoring a goal, while not trying to be grabbed, tripped, shoved from behind or tackled.

All-in-all, judging from the action I manage to capture, at least I got the ball in the frame and in focus.