Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Love to photograph what I eat

To me,  being a photojournalist was a dream job come true. I was able to travel around the world, visiting various countries not  only to photograph, but eat as well, so what could have been better.

I got married in 1980, to a women, who's mother instructed her to marry a man who could cook. Bazinga! After leaving the Navy in 1983, I followed her back to Japan, and a few yeas later the Azores and then to Panama, where I learned to cook some of those national dishes. Needless to say, Amy, normally comes home to good meals.

Since the Seattle Post Intelligencer closed down in 2009 and I wasn't assigned anymore food assignments, my love food and photography, eventually led me to combine both loves into one…food photography.

I try to keep photographing food simple, by using four EOS Speedlites, equipped with soft-boxes, snoots and various diffusers either mounted on light stands or sat onto of  various sizes of pots and pans.

Nowadays, I prepare meals with photography in mind. I know, it should be the other way around, but what the hell, it's all about texture, color and design. You can view my PhotoShelter Food gallery@