Monday, May 17, 2010

My camera goes with me everywhere

I once had a friend, who commented to me about always carrying my camera around everywhere I went like Charlie Brown's blanket-toting best friend Linus van Pelt.  It’s true I don’t want to put myself in the situation of missing a picture. It’s a way of life for most photojournalists, besides most people around town wouldn’t recognize me without a camera hanging from my neck. And I certainly don’t want to miss capturing an image such as the one posted above.

Even after a hard days work, whether I’ve been cruising for a feature picture or after covering two to four assignments, my cameras are always by my side.

Feature photos are a favorite of photojournalist because they are human interest in a creative way that shows readers a “slice of life” and a view of daily life.

Most days after dinner, I would pile those that wanted to go, into the car and we’d head off to discover South Kitsap County to play at one of it lakes or parks.  Since Long Lake Park was nearby and always offered some good feature photography that was our favorite location.

On this particular evening, while the kids were playing in the water and I was on the lookout for an interesting situation to photograph, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a blur of activity.  Here was this young man, headed to the water with his Golden Retriever, Diesel, in hot pursuit. As he and his dog created water splashes, I raised my camera, focused and shot a series of images of them running through the water. Afterwards, I talked to Jon and found out that he and the dog were out running.

Jon was getting in shape for the upcoming football season and Diesel just liked to go on runs as well.
The next day, while editing the frames, I noticed on this one particular image that had Diesel nipping at Jon’s pants as they romped through the water. And it was as if the dog was telling his master to slow down.

Had I not been armed with cameras, I would have been kicking myself in the butt for not capturing this moment. Which proves the point, carry your cameras everywhere, otherwise, you might miss a truly great photograph.

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