Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Adding Blur to Create Motion

One method I like to use when out shooting sports, news or  any other assignment is to put a little blur motion in my photos. This is one way to convey motion to the viewer. 

I like to shoot at low shutter speeds (1/60th or slower) using a shorter lens and “pan” or move the camera while shooting. When panning, I keep the camera on the subject and swing with the action until it is directly in front of you. Then press the shutter button as you continue panning and the result you’ll achieve is a blurred background with a sharp subject focus.

You can shoot blur-of-action photos three ways:
1)   – Remain stationary and shoot the subject as it passes.
2) –  Move along with the subject and shoot in motion.
3)   – Remain stationary and pan your camera as the subject moves parallel to you.

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