Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Coming home to roost

Ever since we moved into our present home 15 years ago, we have raised generation after generation of squirrels, crows, peeps and Blue Jays, which made nests in the trees surrounding our home. A few years ago Amy had me cut down a big Cedar tree, which was home to our Blue Jays. Now, every morning I am woken to the racket this hungry little fellow makes in a tree right outside our bedroom window. So, I grabbed my 70-200mm and went searching among the limbs of the Douglas fir. Here he is all puffed up and trying to look big and dangerous. As I got nearer and nearer to the nest, the bigger he tried to make himself. Even through they make such a racket in the mornings, it's fun watching the babies grow up, make their first flights, peck around the yard and have babies of their own one day.