Thursday, May 8, 2014

Don't Play with Your Food

Throughout my childhood, my grandmother, often had too often remind me to stop playing with my food. I had this habit of moving my least favorite food from one side of the plate to the other with hopes of fooling her. At her house, the grandchildren had to show a 'victory plate', one that was bare or hardly had any food remaining on it.

She was brought up during the depression and an empty plate meant a full tummy.

To this day, my children and wife, Amy, often have to remind me to stop playing with my food. As soon as I start fixing a meal, I often break out the speedlites and take pictures of the meal's progression from start to finish to post in my food gallery.

Most of the time once, it's ready, I set the food on the table, let them build their plates, say the prayer blessing the food and then painstakingly, build a plate or two to photograph while having to endure a chorus of "Stop playing with your food, Jimmy!"

Most of the time, while they are either off to work or out of the house, I'll set up the lights and dig through the refrigerator pulling out the leftovers  to photograph in peace.

Today's lunch was Monday's supper. Greek salad and lobster tails. And it's was fantastic.

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